When it comes to your organisation’s Risk Management, do you still have a fixed, quarterly process of reviewing and updating Risks? In order to qualify your risks, are you still relying on generic criteria for setting the scale of impact and probability? In this online presentation, learn how you can transform from conventional processes, and gain better visibility of your organisation's overall Risk posture while maintaining an agile Risk Management approach.

Watch the webinar below to learn how Alyne’s SaaS Solution can help you manage your entire Risk Management lifecycle, right from Risk Identification to calculating Value at Risk; drive greater business value; and align your organisation towards your business goals.

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Key talking topics:

  • What trends are we seeing?
  • What are the facilitating factors and the common challenges for Risk Managers? How does Alyne drive real business value to the Risk Management process, across industries?
  • Limitations with the conventional approach to managing risk.
  • Alyne’s six step approach towards Risk Management.
  • How do you put a dollar value on Risk?
  • The 30 minutes sharing session will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.