The WEF Global Risk Report 2021 has highlighted among the highest likelihood risks of the next decade as extreme weather, climate action failure and human-led environmental damage. The report also focusses on heightened regulations, health and safety risks, social and political shifts and the anticipation of a much-changed business landscape.

But what does this mean for your organisation?
This webinar will dissect key points indicated within the WEF Global Risks Report, such as ESG Risks and Operational Resilience, and our speakers will discuss what it practically means for Enterprise Risk Management strategies.

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When it comes to your organisation’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM), are you fully prepared for the next event, or is your future preparedness for global risks based on your response only to COVID-19? In order to prepare for future risks, are you still relying on the ERM and ORM strategies that were implemented before the pandemic? In this webinar, learn how you can transform your ERM and ORM strategies to gain better visibility and control of your organisation's overall posture beyond crises and towards long-term sustainability and resiliency. 


Karl Viertel
CEO & Founder of Alyne
Alyne GmbH, Munich

Claudia Howe
D-A-C-H Regional Head of Sales
Alyne GmbH, Munich

Michael Rasmussen
GRC Analyst & Pundit 
GRC 20/20 Research 

Key talking topics:

  • In EU and USA, ESG reporting at board level is gaining traction. But where are we in this process?
  • As we anticipate a much-changed business landscape in the future, what can firms do to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience of business?
  • How do you take “the big risks” - for instance climate change - and digest it into something practical that you can incorporate into your organisation's GRC strategy?
  • How can Business leaders design their thinking and Risk Management approach to "predict the future"?
  • How can a risk manager get their risks heard in board meetings on the big risk eventualities? Has the pandemic changed mindsets?

Be part of the conversation by interacting in live poll questions and a 15 minute Q&A session.