ESG Risk Management & Meeting Sustainability Requirements in Financial Institutions

21 October 2021

Join a thought leadership discussion, as speakers in the field of RegTech, Sustainability and Sustainable Finance break down ESG Sustainability requirements for Financial Institutions – along with valuable insight on implementing ESG Risk Management and Reporting across your enterprise.

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Key Talking Topics

  • Introduction to ESG
  • ESG State of the nation in 2021: Why now? What does it mean in 2021?
  • What has been achieved and what is still to be done?
  • Operational ESG Risk Management - How do you tackle the topic?
  • Looking ahead - How do you solve ESG? Will we ever solve it?
  • ESG: Don't get scared, get going! 

Setting up an Internal Control Framework aligned to SOX

22 June 2021

In this webinar, we will be exploring 6 steps to setting up a SOX-aligned Internal Control Framework. Our speakers have hands-on experience throughout their careers in the fields of internal controls and audit and will be sharing success factors and potential risks to consider in your SOX compliance journey.

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Key Talking Topics

  • Identifying the general scope of your Internal Control System
  • Framing your Internal Control System
  • Bringing your organisation together with the established Framework
  • Performing a Baseline Assessment
  • Moving to BAU (Business as usual)
  • Review and improvements

Webinar - WEF Global Risk Report and What it Means for Operational and Enterprise Risk Management

09 Mar 2021

This webinar will dissect key points indicated within the WEF Global Risks Report such as ESG Risks and Operational Resilience – and what it means for ERM and ORM strategies. Join Claudia Howe, Karl Viertel and Michael Rasmussen as they discuss long-term sustainability and resiliency and ways to align your organisation towards your business goals.

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Key Talking Topics

  • In EU and USA, ESG reporting at board level is gaining traction. But where are we in this process?
  • What can firms do to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience?
  • How do you take “the big risks” - for instance climate change - and digest it into something practical that you can incorporate into your organisation's GRC strategy?
  • A Risk Management approach to "predict the future"?
  • How can a risk manager get their risks heard in board meetings on the big risk eventualities?

Webinar - Cybersecurity supplier governance with PROOF
03 / 04 Mar 2021

With digital transformation comes more complexity in automotive systems, along with an increased potential of cyber risks. Regulations are demanding cybersecurity management systems that take into account service providers and third party dependancies. KPMG Deutschland and ESCRYPT have joined expertise to develop PROOF (Product Security Organisation Framework) – a product that enables organisations to optimise cybersecurity strategies and risk management within the automotive industry, made available leveraging Alyne's SaaS platform.

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Key Talking Topics

This webinar will address common challenges of Supplier Governance with PROOF’s unified framework. Join Felix Schock, Head of Customer Success at Alyne in a live demonstration of PROOF, powered by Alyne scalable GRC solution. 

Webinar - Transform your Entire Risk Lifecycle Process, End to End

Learn how your organisation can transform from a manual, decentralised Risk Management approach, to gaining full risk transparency and agility throughout the entire risk lifecycle. 


Key Talking Topics

  • What trends are we seeing?
  • What are the facilitating factors and the common challenges for Risk Managers? How does Alyne drive real business value to the risk Risk Management process, across industries?
  • Limitations with the conventional approach to managing risk.
  • Alyne’s six step approach towards Risk Management.
  • How do you put a currency value on Risk?
  • The 30 minutes sharing session will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.

Webinar - Innovating Cyber Risk Management in Banking

A conversational case study webinar with OTP Bank and Alyne: How OTP Bank’s innovation drove success in transforming processes and technology to manage Cyber Risk effectively, using the Alyne SaaS solution as an enabler.

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Key Talking Topics

  • How OTP Bank – one of the leading financial players in Central Eastern Europe – was able to innovate their cyber risk management leveraging Alyne's SaaS solution.
  • OTP Banks approach to innovation.
  • Learnings from the collaboration between Alyne and the Information Security team of OTP Bank.
  • 15 minute Q&A session

Webinar - Enterprise Controls: The Need Evolution and Future.

What makes up a good control framework? In this conversational webinar, our experienced panelists will be discussing the challenges of over-dimensioned control frameworks, views on enterprise security and controls and the best practices to enable organisations to meet their business objectives efficiently.

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Key Talking Topics

  • What defines a good control?
  • Common blind spots for organisations in managing controls.
  • How do you view the impact of technology on the control process five years from now?
  • How are you working to create operational efficiencies within the controls process?

Webinar - APRA CPS 234 and Third Party Risk Management

Alyne, in partnership with CyberRisk present a conversational webinar addressing the Prudential Standard APRA CPS 234 and Third Party Risk Management. Our experienced speakers discuss the requirements, challenges and critical success factors to successfully manage compliance to the standard, and how to operate to a level of good practice.

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Key Talking Topics

  • Impacts associated with APRA CPS 234
  • Defining clear information security-related roles and responsibilities.
  • How to identify, monitor, and secure your information assets.
  • Strategies to prevent data breaches & improve incident response. 
  • How to leverage existing business impact analysis. 
  • TPRM framework for mitigating vendor risk

Webinar: Operational Resilience

Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo are joined by Michael Rasmussen (GRC 2020 Founder and Thought Leader) and Jochen Friedemann (Head of Operational Risk, HDI Group) to discuss operational resilience in a time of unprecedented uncertainty: Actionable insights for today and future landscapes.

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Key Talking Topics

  • OpRisk response to COVID Crisis
  • Response Success & Failures
  • Emergence of new risks
  • Key areas of focus of Operational Resilience
  • What can be done in the short to medium term to strengthen your resilience?
  • Where do smart GRC tools fit in this arena?
  • Outlook for the coming months